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most common condition hip dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia in dogs is a disease of the hip in which the ball and socket joint is malformed. This malformation means that the ball portion and its socket don’t properly meet one another, resulting in a joint that rubs and grinds instead of sliding smoothly.
most common condition loose knee

Luxating Patella (Loose Knee)

A luxating patella occurs when the knee cap moves out of its natural position. The patella (knee cap) lies in a cartilaginous groove at the end of the femur at the stifle, which in some cases, can eventually rupture their cranial cruciate ligament.
most common condition IVDD

Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD)

IVDD is a serious condition seen in dogs. Intervertebral discs are cushioning pads of fibrocartilage that sit between most of the vertebra of the spinal column.  Degeneration of intervertebral discs, will eventually results in spondylosis.
most common condition degenerative myelopathy

Degenerative Myelopathy

Canine degenerative myelopathy (DM) is an uncommon, progressive degenerative disease that causes hind limb weakness and paralysis and eventually affects the front limbs, as well. The symptoms of DM start gradually, usually in adult dogs over 5 years of age.

multi-pronged strategy: early professional intervention and treatment, diligent home care and nutritional based approach, scientific based evaluation and objective measurements of progress


tui-na tcm tcvm dogs massage

Tui-Na for Dogs

Tui-na is not generally used for pleasure and relaxation, but rather as a treatment to address specific patterns of disharmony. As such, practitioners use it for many of the same reasons and according to the same principles as acupuncture.

Stance Analyzer

Lameness is a clinical sign of a more severe disorder that results in a disturbance in the gait and the ability to move the body about, typically in response to pain, injury, or abnormal anatomy. The Stance Analyzer can help us detect lameness early.

Lanomax Eyedrops Cataracts dogs


Dr. Kang Zhang, Professor of Ophthalmology and Chief of Ophthalmic Genetics at UC San Diego, and his research team have found that the organic compound called lanosterol can dissolve protein blocks that cause cataracts and destroy lens opacity.

braces for dogs and cats

Balto engineers their braces to protect efficiently and offer the best healing environment for our companions. Aiming to immobilize the concerned area without inhibiting movement. Metal inserts are fitted in most Balto dog braces for support.

Importance of Dog Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Canine rehabilitation therapy can be used to speed an animal’s recovery, improve motor skills, reduce pain, build strength, and increase range of motion. It can also enhance performance in canine athletes, and help obese pets lose weight.

RA Healing Centre is the first and only Canine (actually we have clients who are cats and dogs) Rehabilitation Centre in Singapore that have an entire spectrum of canine rehabilitation modalities, including manual therapies like massage; tools to improve strength, coordination, flexibility and balance; water and aquatic therapies; hot and cold therapy; and therapies involving the use of ultrasound, laser and electrical stimulation devices.

We are also the only centre in Singapore working closely with Veterinarians, documented the progress of healing and recovery of your pet using sophisticated measuring instruments that are only available through us. We will provide a well documented report including detailed weight bearing of your pet’s leg and measurement of muscle growth.

Since RA Healing Centre opened her doors in 2016, our canine rehabilitation therapies has greatly expanded over the year to include help for dogs suffering a wide range of disabling conditions, including gait abnormalities, spinal cord injuries, joint injuries, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, inflammation and swelling, pain, overuse injuries, and geriatric conditions.

Shiba Inu Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Recovery
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