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Dog/Cat Brace – Balto Shoulder Brace


BT Neck is an orthopaedic brace designed to help cats and dogs with problems with their cervical vertebrae, crushed vertebrae, neurological issues and hernias.

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The BT LUX brace is designed to limit overall abduction of the shoulders of your 4-legged friend. It can be used for minor issues (like inflammation) and for shoulder diseases that require limiting abduction and movement of the joint. It can also be used as a post-operative device to promote gradual rehabilitation of the joint.
It is helpful for:
– instability of the shoulder joint;
– dysplasia;
– joint laxity or hypermobility;
– dislocation;
– inflammation.
Support is provided by stiff material inside the brace at shoulder height to increase compression and limit movement of the joints.


BT Lux works with your dog to gradually regain motor function. The comfortable padding combines practicality, convenience and optimal stabilization.

  • The brace simultaneously compresses both shoulders.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Adjusts for a better fit.
  • Can be hand-washed.
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