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Orthopedic & Neurological Assessment

This is for the initial assessment, planning of rehabilitation program for your pet. During this assessment, we will be doing a complete Orthopedic & Neurological Assessment and documenting our findings. This will be repeated at the end of your package to monitor the progresses of your pet and if there is a need to change the rehabilitation program to suit your pet based on his/her progression.

Rehabilitation – Therapeutic Exercise

This is usually reserved for your vet direct recommendation for a certain type of exercises beneficial for your pet as post-surgery protocol. This includes Core, Proprioception and Balance Exercises

Rehabilitation – Hydrotherapy

This is usually reserved for your vet direct recommendation for a certain type of hydrotherapy beneficial for your pet as a pre and post-surgery protocol. This includes hydrotherapy conducted by one of our certified therapists and/or underwater treadmill.

Rehabilitation – Followup

Followup Sessions are sessions that are planned during the initial assessment of your pet. This is usually discussed with your respective vets and our animal rehabilitation team. It can consist multiple treatments within a session, including Therapeutic exercises, Hydrotherapy, LLT and Electrical Modalities.

Others – Bodytalk

BodyTalk sessions for animals balance the general bodymind energy of the animal and address emotionally based illnesses typically unaddressed through veterinary care.

BodyTalk is meant to be a COMPLIMENTARY practice to veterinary care and not a replacement, whereas a BodyTalk practitioner does not diagnosis or prescribe.

Others – Hyperbaric Oxygen

Not available at this moment

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