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Singapore’s Trusted Hydrotherapy for Animals


RA Healing Centre is Singapore’s first and most trusted veterinary approved
hydrotherapy and rehabilitation centre

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Here are some of our happy dogs IN THEIR HYDROTHERAPY TREATMENT


Dear Dr Sarah and Team, Thank you so much for providing exceptional services in the rehabilitation of our Doge. My family members want to extend our heartfelt thanks for all the care, treatments and love that you give to our Doge. She has recovered from her limps and can enjoy her daily walks again. Best regards, Ann Ann Chow

Halfway thru our first doggie tuina massage course and it is super cool! The team is really good with managing our hyperactive dogs, and so generous with their knowledge. They answered all our questions and were great at showing us how to do the movements. 10/10 would recommend to anyone Samantha Zhuang

Buttons has been a regular for over a year for laser, physio, hydro and accupuncture treatment. appreciate the genuine care and concern from all at Ra. More importantly buttons has benefitted from accupuncture and the other therapies. appreciate Dr Sara and the team’s efforts.

Michael Konnoth

multi-pronged strategy: early professional intervention and treatment, diligent home care and nutritional based approach, scientific based evaluation and objective measurements of progress


tui-na tcm tcvm dogs massage

Encourage early weight bearing

In orthopaedic patients, assisted postural activities encourage patients to use their limb through a controlled range of motion
that is not achieved when the patient avoids using its limb, instead maintaining a non-weight bearing lameness.

Decrease soft tissue swelling

Helps to stimulate nerve cells that block pain signals from being transmitted to the brain, reduce nerve sensitivity. Because there is less inflammation, less swelling and an interruption of pain signals to the brain, the dog will experience less pain.

Lanomax Eyedrops Cataracts dogs

Improve balance and proprioception by adding turbulence in the water

To provide good mobility and strength at the ankles, hips and thoracic spine. Assisting with the rehabilitation process for animals

Increase range of motion as warm water increase circulation

1. Receive fewer injuries
2. Less pain to limbs and joints
3. Improved posture and balance
4. A positive state of mind
5. Greater strength
6. Improved physical performance

Importance of Dog Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy

Rehabilitation therapy or Hydrotherapy can be used to speed an animal’s recovery, improve motor skills, reduce pain, build strength, and increase range of motion. It can also enhance performance in canine athletes, and help obese pets lose weight.

RA Healing Centre is the first and only Small Animal / Pet Rehabilitation Centre in Singapore that have an entire spectrum of canine rehabilitation modalities, including manual therapies like massage; tools to improve strength, coordination, flexibility and balance; water and aquatic therapies; hot and cold therapy; and therapies involving the use of ultrasound, laser and electrical stimulation devices.

We are also the only centre in Singapore working closely with Veterinarians, documented the progress of healing and recovery of your pet using sophisticated measuring instruments that are only available through us – including detailed weight bearing of your pet’s leg and measurement of muscle growth.

Since RA Healing Centre opened her doors in 2016, our RA Team that includes Rehab Veterinarian, Certified Hydrotherapist and more has greatly expanded over the years to include help for dogs suffering a wide range of disabling conditions, including gait abnormalities, spinal cord injuries, joint injuries, soft tissue injuries, arthritis, inflammation and swelling, pain, overuse injuries, and geriatric conditions.

Shiba Inu Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Hydrotherapy Recovery

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