Brownie getting therapeutic ultrasound
By: Dr. Sara Lam

The Story of Brownie

Aging with Grace: The Rehabilitation Journey of Brownie, the 17 Year-Old Toy Poodle-crossed Bichon Frise



When Brownie, a toy poodle x bichon frise, started suffering from back pain and delayed postural reaction in the back legs, his owner, a rehabilitation veterinarian, committed herself to a holistic approach to his treatment. She was dedicated to not just alleviating the symptoms, but also to addressing the root causes. Thanks to her expertise and dedication, Brownie was able to find relief from his symptoms and regain his mobility.

The Animal’s Background

Meet Brownie, the star 17-year-old Toy Poodle x Bichon Frise, who had always lived an active life. He had always been by his owner’s side, acting as the perfect model for showcasing proper posture and therapeutic exercises at pet events. However, his boundless energy and enthusiasm began to wane two years ago, and he also became deaf. Initially, his owners believed it was merely the natural process of aging. Despite these challenges, Brownie’s positivity and joy remain contagious.

Initial Condition

Brownie was first noticed to be dragging his left hind leg and suffering from back pain in January 2021. Despite this, he continued to live a normal life with a healthy appetite and regular toilet habits. An MRI scan carried out later that month revealed multiple spondyloses in various sections of his spine. Nevertheless, his blood test results were found to be in a healthy range considering his age.

Treatment Plan

A comprehensive treatment plan was designed for Brownie, which included a back brace to stabilize his spine and a schedule for Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT). In addition to HBOT, Brownie was also treated with a class 4 therapeutic laser for spinal pain, therapeutic ultrasound for muscle tightness, and electrical acupuncture for pain relief and nerve stimulation. The blend of these treatments was designed to ensure the best possible recovery outcome for Brownie.

Progress and Milestones

Brownie made remarkable improvements in just one month and even began running and galloping again. His sleep pattern normalized, indicating a reduction in pain. A year of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) resulted in a 30% improvement in Brownie’s hearing. This milestone not only demonstrates Brownie’s resilience but also attests to the effectiveness of the treatment plan.

Outcome and Future

With his mobility fully restored, Brownie’s future looks promising. Though he still experiences occasional back pain flare-ups, quick detection and immediate action with the back brace and targeted treatments ensure his discomfort is promptly addressed. It’s evident that early pain detection is key to effective rehabilitation, ensuring a pain-free, happy future for Brownie.


” I have become even a firmer believer in animal rehabilitation and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment in treating brain and spinal injuries, given my experience in treating my own dog. This is not something we learnt at university, hence most of veterinarians are not aware of the cutting-
edge conservative and non-invasive treatments available for animals. I am glad that I have taken these post-graduate training and now I am one of the few that can help not just my own dogs but put my rare skills to help the wider pet community in Singapore.’- Dr Sara Lam”

Dr. Sara Lam

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