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By: Angeline Soon

The Story of Stitch

Stitch the French Bulldog’s Remarkable Road to Recovery Following Right-Sided Hemilaminectomy!


Join us as we tell the inspiring story of Stitch, a French Bulldog who overcame severe hindlimb weakness and bladder control loss. Thanks to postoperative rehabilitation and hyperbaric oxygen treatment, Stitch regained his mobility and the pleasure of everyday life. Read on to uncover Stitch’s extraordinary journey and his significantly enhanced quality of life!

Animal Background

Meet Stitch, an energetic and playful French Bulldog, always up for some fun. But at four years and six months old, he suddenly faced a debilitating condition – grade V LMN, specifically linked to L4-6 on his right side. This diagnosis was heartbreaking, but the brave Stitch underwent a right L4-L6 hemilaminectomy and started post-operative rehabilitation. Despite the setback, Stitch’s resilience and eagerness to reclaim his energetic lifestyle is truly inspirational.

Initial Condition

Stitch’s sudden onset of hindlimb paresis, ataxia, and severe pain due to grade V lower motor neuron involvement and multiple levels of intervertebral disc extrusions were deeply worrying. The right-sided L4-L5 intervertebral disc extrusion that was pressing on his spinal cord was identified as the cause of his distress. The only suitable course of action to alleviate the pressure and restore his neurological function was immediate surgical intervention.

Treatment Plan

Post-surgery, Stitch exhibited behavioral changes, including heightened anxiety, persistent panting, and cyanosis in his tongue, causing alarm for his caregivers. A comprehensive treatment plan was put in place, incorporating hyperbaric oxygen therapy and rehabilitation interventions. These methods aimed to ensure a safe, stress-free recovery for Stitch. The therapies were designed to manage pain and inflammation initially, preparing Stitch for the more extensive rehabilitation plan involving strengthening exercises for his hindlimbs and overall mobility.

Progress and Milestones

After three weeks of devoted care and treatment, Stitch has demonstrated considerable improvement. Initially under the constant care of the in-house physiotherapist, he has now transitioned to our care. Despite initial hindlimb weakness and lack of deep pain sensation, Stitch has made significant strides towards recovery. He can push himself up from a sitting position using his front legs and even stand while eating. His anxiety levels have also diminished noticeably, and inflammation around the surgical site has subsided. We’re immensely proud of Stitch’s progress in such a short time and remain optimistic about his full recovery.

Outcome and Future

Our ongoing treatment plan will require further time to achieve the desired results. However, rest assured, our dedicated team of professionals will continue to monitor Stitch’s progress and adjust his treatment plan accordingly. We believe that with time, patience, and perseverance, Stitch will reach his health goals and enjoy a vibrant, healthier future.


Dr. Sara Lam

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