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Our Purpose

REHABVET CLINIC is Singapore’s first full-fledged animal rehabilitation clinic. With our team of well-trained and experienced veterinarians and therapists, the comprehensive facility offers the widest range of physical therapies. We aim to provide your pets with complementary support therapies that enable them to live a pain free and good quality of life.

Dr. Sara Lam, BVSc (Sydney), CCRT (U.S.), CVA

Rehabilitation Veterinarian, Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist

Dr. Sara Lam graduated with Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney in 2012. She is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT) and a Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA). She has a focus on small animals and have worked in Australia and Singapore. During this time, she had developed a strong passion in geriatric, post-operative and palliative care. These are usual areas that are often neglected in conventional veterinary clinic settings.

Sara’s goal is to help animals to be pain-free and active as much as possible and she is dedicated to improve the fur-kids’ quality of life before the disease process gets too advanced. Her approach to a truly holistic rehabilitation plan is innovative and always scientifically-proven.

Teh Chee Yen BSC (Hons)

Human Physiotherapist

Yen has formerly been a competent physiotherapist, graduated from Malaysia. She had worked in both government and private practices in Malaysia until she ventures to work in Singapore.
As an avid dog lover, she wished she could have helped when she lost her senior dog to immobility.  As soon as she discovered about canine rehabilitation in Singapore, she made the crucial decision to switch field. Unlike humans, animals cannot voice out directly how they feel about pain or discomfort, she believes that there is a dire demand in animal therapy, so she found her calling in animal rehabilitation. With the motivation driven by the lost of her furry buddy, she sets her goals to pour out her best efforts in providing rehabilitation care to alleviate pain and improve the quality of life for the animals by combining her prior background knowledge in human physiotherapy. She is able to broaden the Rehabvet team by providing new approaches and perspectives. She is in charge of formulating specific rehabilitation exercises and treatment for each individual furry patient.

Sonia Ananda

Certified Hydrotherapist, Animal Rehabilitation Therapist

Trained in canine hydrotherapy in the UK, Sonia now lends her expertise to RehabVet. Having had 4 years of experience in the canine hydrotherapy sector, she has worked with multiple ranges of dogs with various needs and requirements.

Sonia believes that physiotherapy and hydrotherapy combined will create for a better experience and healing for the animals. This would be especially useful for the animals that we see here at RehabVet, ranging from puppies to senior dogs as well as cat’s wellbeing. She strongly encourages pet owners to always consider bringing their pets down for rehabilitation as soon as they start noticing issues with their pets as starting rehabilitation earlier would be beneficial for instead of prolonging the issues. With that, Sonia always wants the best for your pet and feels the happiest when she goes through the journey with your pet and you; seeing them grow and develop into their fullest potentials.

Sonia has a senior dachshund and a cuddly cat at home and understands why rehabilitation can make a big difference in not just their lives but also the pet owners’. Sonia strives to continuously learn and grow in this industry so that she can reach her dream goal to work with elephants. During her free time, she likes to be active and loves finding new places with good burgers and pastas.

Angeline Soon B(Hons) of Physiotherapy (UK)

Human Physiotherapist


Physiotherapist, Bachelor(Hons) of Physiotherapy (UK)

Angeline has completed her Bachelors’s (Hons) in Physiotherapy (UK) at MAHSA University. Since 2018, she has been employed as a human physiotherapist in Malaysia and Singapore.

Animal physiotherapy has always been Angeline’s passion since young. She believes that rehabilitation is very crucial for animals to optimize their life and prevent them from injury. After years of practicing human physiotherapy, Angeline opted to translate her skills and knowledge in manual therapy such as massage, stretching, and exercises to specialize in canines.
She has been working as a volunteer in RehabVet for a few months before she joined the team. Meanwhile, Angeline completed a certificate in Canine Anatomy and Physiology from the London College of Osteopathy and Health Science.

Angeline currently works in RehabVet as Animal Physiotherapist.

Sharon Wong

Certified Hydrotherapist

Sharon graduated with a law degree but has always had a soft spot for animals, especially dogs. She has a number of years of experience as a Canine Hydrotherapist, working with dogs in hydrotherapy and fitness swim programs. She obtained her Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals followed by the more advanced Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals at the world renowned Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Referral Centre in Surrey, UK.

Joyce Ho

Animal Rehabilitation Therapist

Joyce came from a pet grooming background where she has learnt valuable tips in being able to handle an animal with patience and care. She has a passion for animals and enjoys seeing animals getting better.
She has joined us here at RehabVet since early 2020 as an Animal Therapist Assistant. Through the sessions, she has gained experience in the various methods in which rehabilitation can benefit the animal. Joyce is always eager to learn and get to know your animals, and in turn, provide the best for your fur-kids.
In her free time, she loves to dance and be at home with her mixed breed boy whom she adopted since 2015. Continually learning in this journey, she hopes to help all the animals that she comes across with.




Bianca Polak
Bianca Polak
05:48 25 Jan 23
My nearly 17 year old cat Niko is under treatment for arthritis and the team at RehabVet is just wonderful.They make my cat feel at ease and take the treatments as a spa day. She is doing much better and walking around the house again and even able to jump up to the bed.
Elaine Goh
Elaine Goh
09:45 21 Jan 23
Has been with rehab for a few years! Am so glad that my old boys are under their care! They really take great care with them. Really appreciate their help through out these years. Thank you Sean, Tania, Angeline, Sonia and team tehab!! ❤️
Chan Junwei
Chan Junwei
06:11 16 Oct 22
My dog look forward to her weekly rehab session. Her movement is much more fluid and she is gaining muscle strength as the week goes by. Special thanks for Sean for helping Truffles.
Li Yun Yap
Li Yun Yap
12:22 27 Aug 22
Dodo has been attending the sessions for nearly 2 months and he definitely has benefited from the sessions. We see that he is more active and his movements has improved alot too. Thanks to all of the friendly and dedicated staff who always showered Dodo care and love!
Victoria Woon
Victoria Woon
09:43 17 Aug 22
I've been bringing my dog to RehabVet for the last 6 months and it's been so beneficial for him! It's clear that the staff here put a lot of care and effort into their work, they're great with my dog and he absolutely loves going there every week. He gets super excited whenever we're on the way there, and when we're done he doesn't want to leave! Thanks to the team at RehabVet for taking such good care of Katsu!!
04:05 12 Jul 22
Stella has Luxating Patella on both kneecaps and has been going to RehabVet for the past month. Happy to say that there are improvements in her kneecap as we can see she’s a lot stronger on her hind legs during playtime. Everyone at RehabVet are also very friendly and kind to us and Stella ♥️
Pei Shan Wong
Pei Shan Wong
12:46 04 May 22
My dog suffers from Grade 5 IVDD and we have started recovery process with rehabvet 2 months ago. The dedicated team alongside with Dr Sara makes me feel at ease that my dog will always be in good hands. Each and every member of the team shows a lot of patience, care and dedication to the dogs. Rehabvet deserves a 5 star truly.
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