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Dog getting electro acupuncture at RehabVet

As Featured on Rice Media (www.ricemedia.co) on 8th May 2023. Source

RehabVet, a pioneer in veterinary rehabilitation in Singapore, is at the forefront of the IVM movement. Their team of certified veterinary physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists offer services designed to improve the health and well-being of pets. 

“We established RehabVet in Singapore to cater to the growing demand for holistic pet wellness among Singaporeans,” says Dr Lam. 

“As pet owners become more conscious of their pets’ health, they seek comprehensive and preventive care options to enhance their pets’ well-being.”

As Featured on Yahoo Lifestyle (sg.style.yahoo.com) on 8th June 2019. Source

Dr Sara, “a girl’s age is a secret”, is the owner of RehabVet. She is the first veterinarian in Singapore to be certified in
animal rehabilitation.

Her motivation to specialise in the field was triggered by her frustration that the standard response to pain was a barrage of painkillers. While their analgesic properties are efficient, these medications only treat the symptoms of pain without addressing its source.

Therefore, unlike traditional animal clinics, RehabVet focuses on animal rehabilitation. In other words, physical therapy to help afflicted animals manage their pain.

As Featured on Rice Media (Ricemedia.co) on 8th June 2019.  Source

The facilities in her centre (RehabVet) reflect its focus on physical therapy. There is a heated hydrotherapy pool, an electroacupuncture machine, a stance analyser (“the only one in Singapore”, Dr Sara says proudly), a hyperbaric chamber (of the sort Michael Jackson used to sleep in), and a myriad array of devices designed to improve the well-being of animals—all of which are adopted from human physiotherapy principles.

RehabVet, established since 2016, has established herself as the Trusted Leading Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy Facility in Singapore. Embracing a Multi-Disciplinary, Holistic & Scientifically Proven approach, pets in Singapore has benefited with the advent of the Best Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy Facility in Singapore.

RehabVet is also the ONLY facility in Singapore with a Stance Analyzer for Dogs & Cats – This enables us to accurately capture critical information such as weight bearing of the dog or cat.

Over the years, we have been featured in multiple media reports in Singapore such as The Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao – an affirmation and recognition of our hard work over the years.

We have also been featured on Alternative News Media Site, The Smart Local, in the run up to Pet Expo 2019.

Here’s a look at the most recent Media Featured Article with images taken during the Game on with Animal Rehabilitation Activity at the Pet Expo 2019 held at Singapore Expo.

As Featured on Lianhe Zaobao (Zaobao.sg) on 28th April 2019. Source

Led by Dr Sara Lam [BVSc (Sydney), CCRT (U.S.), CVA], who is our Certified Rehabilitation Veterinarian, RehabVet has been constantly on the search for the best methods and modalities to assist pets in their rehabilitation journey. This includes working closely with our client’s preferred veterinarians for a Veterinary Referral to ensure close communication & the best care.

Pet owners can also submit their request for an appointment by filling up a simple online form. Our RA Team will then assist the owners in retrieving the necessary Medical History Records & to get their first appointment ready.

In December 2017, RehabVet was also featured on The Straits Times, where the advantages and benefits of Pet Rehabilitation by RehabVet was further cemented – A Qualified / Certified Team.

RehabVet places a paramount importance on canine wellness and rehabilitation in Singapore. We aspire to be the Choice of Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Centre in Singapore to aid your animal recovery process.

RehabVet prides ourselves as the Best Equipped Dogs and Cats Rehabilitation Centre in Singapore (think of rehabilitation as Physiotherapy for Dogs and Cats). We are also equipped with an indoor heated pool that is used for Hydrotherapy for Dogs & Cats in Singapore. We have a Certified and Qualified Hydrotherapist to ensure that your pet does not only swim – but to swim your dogs and cats the RIGHT WAY.

RehabVet is located at 513 Serangoon Road, #01-01, Singapore 218154. For media enquiries, contact us at 87987554 (WhatsApp) or email us at hello@rehabvet.com