Veterinary Rehabilitation Consultation

Restoring the health in your dog

What to expect in your first veterinary rehabilitation consultation?

1. Evaluation: The rehabilitation veterinarian at RehabVet will evaluate your pet’s medical history, current condition, and any diagnostic tests that have been performed. They will also perform a physical examination to assess your pet’s range of motion, strength, flexibility, and balance.

2. Treatment plan: Based on their evaluation, the veterinarian will develop a customised treatment plan for your pet. This may include exercises, stretches, massage, hydrotherapy, laser therapy, and other modalities to improve their mobility and speed up their recovery.

3. Education: The veterinarian will educate you on your pet’s condition and the treatment plan. They may also provide you with exercises to perform at home to complement the in-clinic sessions.

4. Follow-up: You will be scheduled for follow-up appointments to monitor your pet’s progress and adjust the treatment plan as necessary. The veterinarian will also provide you with updates on your pet’s progress and any changes in their condition.

5. Support: The rehabilitation specialist will be available to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the rehabilitation process. They will work closely with your veterinarian to ensure your pet receives the best possible care and attention.

Your First Consultation


Once you have contacted us, we will immediately make an appointment to see you pet at the next soonest available slot.

Upon Arrival

When you arrive, you will be met by one of our friendly and reassuring therapist who will make you feel welcome, and help put both you and your pet at ease. You will be shown to our open and comfortable reception area to await your consult with our Certified Rehabilitation Veterinarian.

During Our First Consultation

During the assessment, our rehabilitation veterinarian will be asking some questions that can aid us in understanding more about the home condition, diet, medicine, pre-existing conditions and your pet’s character.

Your pet’s vitals will be monitored during the assessment and a full orthopedic and neurologic assessment will be conducted. During the assessment, we will be documenting the discomfort area and locations to aid us in deciding what is the appropriate therapy for them.

The final part of the assessment will include measuring all the size of their muscles, weight and they will be placed on a specially designed pressure mat to measure the weight bearing on all the four limbs.

Discussion on Appropriate Treatment Plan

Our certified rehabilitation veterinarian will discuss with you the appropriate physiotherapy modalities, plans, frequencies of therapy, home-care, appropriate diet and necessary supplements required to aid your pet in their recovery.

We will be also assisting you in managing your expectations and how to monitor your pet for improvements with home care instructions. We will pro

Gathering of Medical Histories

Before your pet’s first rehabilitation and physiotherapy, we will be getting your furkid medical histories from all relevant veterinarians that forms the Multi-Discipline Team (MDT). We will be working along side with your preferred veterinarian and he/she will be the veterinarian who will signed on the Referral Forms and we will be updating them with the neccessary progress.

In this manner, we ensure that your pet is well looked after.

There is NO ONE THERAPY that is suitable for all medical conditions. It is our job and responsibility to inform your veterinarian about the Contraindications and Cautions of each of the therapy.

Once the medical histories have been obtained, our team of therapists will be documenting and ensure that your MDT has not contridict each other, and the therapies we are doing do not overlap with what your MDT is trying to achieve.