In memories of all immobile dogs that were not given a second chance

Importance of Early Detection in Lameness

Lameness is a clinical sign of a more severe disorder that results in a disturbance in the gait and the ability to move the body about, typically in response to pain, injury, or abnormal anatomy.

Traditionally, mild lameness often go off unnoticed even if you are a regular at your veterinarian clinic. It is almost impossible to visually see mild lameness or detect anything unusual with your pet.

Lameness may involve one or more limbs and varies in severity from subtle pain or tenderness to an inbability to place any weight on the limb (i.e., carrying the leg). If only one forelimb is involved, the head and neck move upward when the affected limb is placed on the ground and drops when the unaffected limb bears weight. Meanwhile, if only one hind limb is involved, the pelvis drops when affected leg bears weight, rises when weight is lifted. And if both hind limbs are involved, forelimbs are carried lower to shift weight forward. In addition, lameness may become worse after strenuous activity or alleviate with rest.


Welcome to the Modern World of Technology

The Stance Analyzer

RehabVet has embraced the latest technology from Companion Animal Health and is the one and only centre here in Singapore that offers lameness evaluations with the Stance Analyzer.

Utilizing the Companion Stance Analyzer in our practice has allowed us to take lameness evaluations to the next level.  By providing objective measurements, you will be able to see how your pet is shifting his or her weight in order to determine which limb, or limbs, are affected.  This data allows you to better communicate to the pet owner what the next step is going to be for the pet.

The Stance Analyzer

The Stance Analyzer has allowed our therapist to accurately map out the percentage of weight bearing on each limb. It evaluates the success of our rehabilitation and physiotherapy programmes objectively in a measurable manner that is easily understood by pet owners like yourself. In addition, as your pet’s progress is charted, we are able to fine tine the rehabilitation plans to maximise recovery rates.


The built in Stability and Center of Gravity also provide a visual picture of how our patient is transferring weight, and all the captured information can be send to your veterinarian for further diagnosis and neccessary evaluation.