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Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips


If your dog can walk on rugs or carpet, but struggles on slippery surfaces such as hardwood floors, ToeGrips can help. The non-slip grips fit on your dog’s toenails to enable instant traction and improved mobility. ToeGrips are non-slip nail grips that enable your senior or special needs dog to get up without struggling and walk without slipping.

ToeGrips are for…

  • Senior dogs, Arthritic dogs
  • Dogs with hip dysplasia
  • Dogs with cruciate ligament injury
  • Dogs with hind end weakness
  • Dogs with neurologic conditions
  • Blind dogs
  • Dogs with iliopsosas strain
  • Tripawd® dogs
  • Dogs that use wheelchairs
  • Dogs with IVDD
  • Rehabilitating / post-surgical dogs

*Package contains 20 ToeGrips

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How to select the right size for your dog:

Step 1: Wrap a piece of dental floss around the middle of the toenail.

Step 2:  While holding the floss around the nail circumference with one hand, use a fine point Sharpie® to mark across both pieces of floss. This will create two points.

Step 3: Stretch the floss and measure the distance between the two points in millimeters.

Step 4: Repeat for all 4 nails on one front paw and one hind paw (not the dewclaw).

Step 5: Based on the measurements obtained (not the average), use the chart below to find your dog’s size. Sometimes a dog will require a combination of two sizes.

Nail Circumference Size Color
9-12mm XS Yellow
13-15mm S Red
16-19mm M Blue
20-23mm L Green
24-27mm XL Purple
28-30mm XXL Orange
31-36mm XXXL Navy
3/5 (190 Reviews)
3.1/5 (115 Reviews)

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Measure the Right Size

3/5 (190 Reviews)
3.1/5 (115 Reviews)

Customer's Reviews

No More Slipping 🙂
Tanner’s mom!

My Golden Retriever has always been an active swimmer and fetcher. Recently we moved to a home with all tile floors and he enjoys laying on them for their cool feel. However, he began to occasionally slip when rising to stand. Rather than risk an injury, I decided to go ahead and get started with ToeGrips in order to buy Tanner more years of fetching and swimming fun.

One evening when he was tired and resting after a long day, I gave him a good massage and gently caressed his toes. He was very relaxed, so I proceeded to trim the fur on his feet, cropping it close for the ToeGrips to be applied without any fur in the way. I expected to have to stop there, but Tanner was quite content to be getting lots of attention and soft talk. I proceeded to put the ToeGrips, soaking them in alcohol, as advised. It was really quite easy.

When I questioned my positioning of the ToeGrips, I sent a quick note to the Messenger app and heard back with a prompt answer. The support system is terrific.

Shortly afterwards I walked away and called Tanner to me. He popped up like a puppy and looked around as if to say “Why was that so easy?” I was thrilled! Thank you Dr. Buzby.

AnnMarie Underwood

My name is Marilyn & I’m a 14 yr. old Chihuahua. When I was young and slipped on the wood floors it didn’t bother me much. But as I’ve gotten older it kinda hurts. So I would sit on the rug & beg until someone came to pick me up and take me out. Mom & Dad put down throw rugs which worked real well for me. But then I noticed that they tripped on those (they aren’t young anymore either!)–and I was afraid they were going to get hurt. THEN: one day Mom put some little yellow TOE GRIPS on my nails. At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like them. But then, when I tried tip-toeing across the wood floor I noticed that I had traction–I didn’t slip anymore! I LOVE these Toe Grips. And not only that, all Mom & Dad’s friends think they are so cute that I get a lot of attention over them. So any of you dogs reading this: if you’re slipping & sliding & getting hurt on slippery floors–be sure to ask your Mom or Dad to get you some Toe Grips. They’re GRRReat!!

No more commando crawls!
Maria Supik

My 12 year old border collie is like a new dog. She has always had a problem walking on our tile and wood floors. She commando crawls around corners and throughout the house. We had throw rugs all over. But we got a puppy a few months ago and had to pick up the rugs because she would eat the rugs! Our Missy was miserable. I bought the Toe grips and she immediately noticed the difference and I could tell she was happy! She did not stop walking around, finally able to follow me, when before she wouldn’t even get up. Thanks for such a great product! I highly recommend it!

Abby, 15 (that’s 105 in people years)
Annie Buzalko

I want to thank Dr. Buzby and ToeGrips for improving the quality of life for my sweet girl. Abby is a 45 pound rescue mutt who is deaf and has dementia. Last summer we found out that she has a paralyzed larynx and related neurological deficits effecting her back legs. She stumbled when walking especially on tile and hardwood floors. This combined with confusion fron the dementia was a disaster and I felt totally unable to help her. We tried ToeGrips and they have literally been a lifesaver for her over the past year that she has been wearing them. They not only help her stability when walking and getting up on her favorite couch, but I think they have helped with the dementia in that they seem to help her better realize where she is. They are easy to apply and she does not even notice that they are on her nails. Keeping her nails trimmed is definitely key for the ToeGrips to work properly. I know I can’t have her forever, but ToeGrips have definitely helped me to have Abby a lot longer and we are both grateful and happy!

3/5 (190 Reviews)
3.1/5 (115 Reviews)
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