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L’il Back Brace Spinal Support


The Lil Back Bracer is the only orthopedic support brace for dogs. Patented design to help keep your dog’s back supported when dealing with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) and other dog back pain.

Note for First Time Buyer

For pet owners getting the brace for the first time, please contact us and make a visit to our store instead. We carry stocks for all sizes and one of our physiotherapist will find the perfect size and demonstrate how to use it for your pet.

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Primary features of the Lil Back Bracer dog brace:

  • Comfortable, ergonomic construction to alleviate pressure on spine
  • Dog brace designed to stabilize the back from above & below
  • Recommended for both treatment and prevention
  • Snug, adjustable fit provides gentle, constant pressure for calming effect on nervous system
  • Incorporated D-ring to attach a leash
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Medical grade, moisture-wicking, Breathe-O-Prene® fabric
  • No need to remove dog brace for dogs to “do their business”


We carry all sizes. Please visit our store for a proper fitting.

Small – Weighs less than 12 pounds, Measures less than 13 inches
Medium – Weighs between 12 to 22 pounds, Measures at least 13 inches
Large – Weighs between 22 to 32 pounds, Measures at least 15 inches

3.7/5 (46 Reviews)
3.7/5 (29 Reviews)

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