By: Sean Tan

The Story of Tardis

From Flabby to Fabulous: The Incredible Tardis Transformation with Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy


Discover Tardis, the courageous dog who went from overweight to fit with the help of physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. His journey demonstrates the profound impact of these treatments in enhancing muscle strength, joint flexibility, and overall fitness. Moreover, it underscores the importance of educating pet owners about weight management to ensure informed decisions and improved pet health. Get ready to be captivated by Tardis’ exceptional story of resolve, strength, and endurance.

Animal Background

Introducing Tardis, a delightful 6-year-old Corgi with an irresistible passion for food. Despite her activity level, carrying excess weight became a strain on her joints. Tardis weighed a hefty 17.6kg, nearly 50% above her target weight of 12kg. Determined to regain her health, she embarked on a transformation journey, backed by her owners and some strict dietary changes. Today, Tardis is energetic and lively, understanding the value of a healthy diet while retaining her love for food. Her journey is evidence that with willpower and love, overcoming significant obstacles is achievable.

Initial Condition

In early April, Tardis jumped off the bed, resulting in a noticeable limp in her right front limb. Despite several courses of carprofen, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, her limp persisted, and discomfort increased, particularly after long rest periods. This left her owner feeling worried and unsure about how to alleviate her pain.

Treatment Plan

Acknowledging Tardis’ painful condition, our experienced veterinarians initiated a pain relief treatment plan and strict diet to aid joint health. As her pain began to lessen, we introduced hydrotherapy, which provides the benefits of exercise in a zero-gravity environment, reducing strain on Tardis’ impacted joint. Through expert care, we ensured the best treatment plans for Tardis, emphasizing the significance of our furry friends’ health.

Progress and Milestones

Tardis made considerable strides in her rehabilitation, thanks to an integrated approach involving aquatic and land exercises. The consistent pain relief treatment resolved her limping issue, and the program was extended to include targeted swimming and land exercises to improve her strength and mobility. The swimming sessions provided a low-impact environment, reducing strain on her affected limb. This comprehensive approach has put Tardis on a clear path to full recovery.

Outcome and Future

Educating the owner about the long-term benefits of a balanced diet and hydrotherapy was essential in Tardis’ rehabilitation. Through sustained efforts, Tardis completed her rehabilitation program, reaching her goal weight of 12kg, a testament to her owner’s commitment to her well-being and willingness to make necessary lifestyle changes for optimal health outcomes.


“Working with this company has been a joy. Their exceptional customer service and attention to detail are unrivalled in the industry. I believe I have received value for my money, and I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking quality and reliable solutions.”

Dr. Sara Lam

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