By: Joyce Ho

The Story of Teddie Girl

Teddie Girl’s Recovery Story: Overcoming Patella Luxation without Surgery


Enter the world of Teddie Girl, a cherished canine companion who was diagnosed with bilateral medial patella luxation on April 21. This diagnosis posed significant challenges, but amid the potential for surgical intervention, Teddie Girl’s journey revealed an alternative approach. Explore her inspiring story of resilience and determination as she manages patella luxation without surgery, and keeps bounding towards a bright and healthy future.

Animal Background

Meet Teddie Girl, a gorgeous 13-year-old poodle with a stylish ballerina skirt grooming style. Despite her diagnosis of bilateral medial patella luxation, her spirit remains unbroken, showing a zest for life in every leap onto the sofa and bark at passersby and overhead planes. Although these high-energy activities have put a strain on her knees, causing occasional hind limb dragging, she doesn’t let it dampen her spirits or interfere with her regular full grooming sessions. Teddie Girl’s vibrant personality and beauty are undeniably captivating.

Initial Condition

The diagnosis of bilateral medial patella luxation was difficult news. Teddie Girl had grade 1 luxation in her left hind leg with some muscle strain, and grade 3 in her right hind leg. This condition, caused either genetically due to an underdeveloped femur groove to support the patella tendon, or from a traumatic impact, can result in discomfort, limping, and restricted mobility. It significantly impacts a dog’s quality of life.

Treatment Plan

The comprehensive treatment plan for Teddie Girl is aimed at reducing discomfort and strengthening her muscles for better knee support. The plan comprises therapeutic ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, TENS therapy, and hydrotherapy. The primary goal is to enhance her mobility and decrease discomfort using techniques that target problematic areas. Additionally, strengthening her knee muscles will improve stability and provide the necessary support. Through regular treatment sessions and a targeted exercise program, we anticipate a considerable improvement in Teddie Girl’s quality of life.

Progress and Milestones

The initial phase of Teddie Girl’s rehabilitation was challenging due to muscle tightness and back pain. However, her progress has been impressive. By the fourth week, she was able to incorporate gentle exercises into her routine, and by the twelfth week, her muscles showed great strength. Despite some residual muscle tightness, her patella grading has remained stable, and she is moving with greater agility and grace. This successful recovery is a testament to Teddie’s strength, determination, and the dedicated care of her therapist.

Outcome and Future

Teddie Girl has triumphed over her patella issues! Her owner’s proactive approach to her care, including bi-weekly rehabilitation sessions, the addition of stairs at home for easier sofa access, and a stifle brace during active periods, has ensured her continued health and happiness. There’s no doubt that with such attentive care, Teddie Girl will continue to thrive. We anticipate a future filled with happiness and health for this resilient pup!


“At Rehabvet, treatments are introduced progressively, considering the physical and emotional well-being of our fur baby. The experienced therapists avoid inflicting sudden shock and anxiety on our beloved pet. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Sara Lam

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